Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Customized Celtic Knot Headband

It has become somewhat of a habit for me to make the hairpieces that accompany our costumes in ballet.
This year our costume came with an especially unappealing scrunchie.
Yes- you read that right.... a scrunchie.
I thought those died out with the 90's?
I have a serious dislike for scrunchies that dates back to middle school when I was given a scrutinizing look for having one on my wrist and asked, "umm... why is your scrunchie brown when your outfit is pink?"
That was the last time I used one.
SO I was super relieved when the word was given to make something else! Originally we were going to do lace crowns, but one of the girls suggested something based on one of the headpieces worn by an olympic ice skater.  The piece was way too complicated for me, but the idea could be used. I subbed in a celtic knot because our song has Irish roots and here we are! They were super easy to make, can be color customized and cost about $1.00- $1.50 each.
First I picked up some ribbon from Hobby Lobby. The spool was $1.99 for 15 feet, but you can get it on sale. I followed the instructions to make a celtic knot from THIS SITE (thanks to INSPIRATION & REALISATION for sharing the link!). It was easy to understand, but I recommend using a pin to hold the end of the ribbon rope in place. I used 3.5 feet of length for these knots.
Next, I bought some elastic from the sewing section (also from Hobby Lobby- $1.29 for 3 yards) and cut lengths that measured the circumference of my head. I painted them with standard gold acrylic paint and then topped with some gold fabric glitter spray.
After they dried, I knotted the ends (pull very tightly!) and cut off the extra hanging pieces.  So easy right? And you can customize the color with any color paint you'd like! The ribbon also came in other colors.
I realize it's a little late, but these would be fun for Saint Patrick's day. They're still festive without the standard green or shamrock.
Happy belated Saint Patrick's day! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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