Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More InstaProject Ideas!

I'm running out of prints to even make all of these projects!
If you missed my other two instaproject posts, they were DOLLHOUSE FRAMES + also embellished MAGNETS. I have one more big idea, but haven't purchased all of the supplies for it yet. The rest of them are compiled into this massive posts!
Ready for more uses? Scroll on.

Stickers: The stickers are $10 for 252 from Printstagram.
Cell Phone: I created this very simply by lining up the stickers and then covering them with a layer of packing tape. I cut the tape down to size first, and then trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. Cheaper than paying to have a cell phone cover made from instapics- and I can change them out at will.
Stickers on Envelopes: Sealing the back of your Save the Dates or wedding invitations with a photo of the two of you would be super fun!

Present tags/Labels: How exciting would it be to use these to label presents at Christmas time? I always say that kids LOVE seeing their little faces. You could also use them to label items for children who are too small to read and that would make it easier for small children to play "Santa".

Stickers to mark personal effects: This is super dorm-ish, but if you own multiples of a product, you could always label which one belongs to each person using these stickers.
On bottles of nail polish: I love JULEP polish for being less toxic than other brands. I thought it would be fun to customize bottles as a present. You could use stickers that remind you of the colors (such as the ballet slippers and flowers on the above bottles), or you could use stickers that represent the season, lastly- what about pictures of you + the recipient/your adventures together? This color reminds me of the time we (insert nonsensical activity here). It would make great bridesmaids gifts!
On your resume/folder: I always deliver my resume in a folder with my name on the tab. I think adding a (much more professional picture) to the tab is a fantastic idea. The interviewer/HP rep can remember exactly who you were and it adds another layer to set you above other candidates. You could also add a sticker directly to your resume as well.

Large prints (squares): These are available in packs of 24 for $12.
Mostly, I like Squares for framing. I had considered sending them as postcards, but they don't meet the requirements. They're too small at 4"x4".
Children's Puzzle: Trace a puzzle shape on back of the print (depending on the age of the child) and cut it out for a fun little puzzle! You could laminate it first, or double it up on card stock (use 3m adhesive to attach the two for a seamless bond) before cutting out the puzzle to make it more durable.

Minis: Mini squares are slightly larger than 2 inches square and are 48 for $15.
Bookmarks: You can either laminate them or use contact paper. I used contact paper since we haven't got a laminator.
Grab some contact paper and draw a straight line down the center of it. Peel off the backing and place your photos right against the line, one on top of the other. Fold the other half of the contact paper over the photos. Seal well. Trim the edges.
Garland: This is similar to the greeting card holder from Christmas, only I used mini clothespins (Hobby Lobby- they don't go on sale so bring a coupon) and painted just the top part light pink, and will probably go back and paint the bottom part white. For more instructions, see the greeting card post HERE. Switch the pictures out as often as you want!
Hopefully I can finish the big one soon! Have a great day, it's paczki day for us and we *will* be enjoying some high fat polish donuts. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Reading The Borrowers today, I see!

    ...I have to comment on your books. Always.

    1. First time! My MIL bought them for my birthday! Love your literary eye!!


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