Thursday, April 3, 2014

Knotted Back Sweater Refashion

I have a sickness. An illness. An obsession.
Ballet clothes.
In fact, I build my ballet wardrobe the way most women build their work wardrobes. Whether DIY'd or purchased, I love adding to my stash of practice attire.
So even though I had recently purchased a new sweater for ballet (so cute, with thumb holes!), when the idea of changing this one up to use in class came, it had to be done immediately.
However- it isn't just for class! Paired with a high waisted pencil skirt, or over a bikini, this is fantastic option.
It started as a sweater purchased second hand from an online ad. I didn't get to try it on before buying and afterwards it fit awfully.
It was a high-low sweater and just ... way too high and way too low!
Here it is pre-refashion. If you don't have a hi-lo (high-low?), that's fine. It will work with a regular sweater too. OR you could cut your sweater into the proper shape, just be sure to turn the edges in and hem them. Remember that it will be tighter where the knot is than it was before.
Lay your sweater on the ground and cut a slit up the backside. You can choose how deep you'd like it to go by trying it on first and marking the spot on your back. In hindsight, I should have made my cut much deeper.
Next you should hem. You can choose to turn your edges in for a cleaner look or leave them raw like I did. I don't think you can see the stitch, but it's merely a tight straight stitch starting at the bottom of one edge, going up, around and down to the other edge. Remember to backstitch at the start and finish!
Lastly, knot! I chose to leave a little keyhole shape, so I tied the knot toward the bottom and haven't any hanging bow. You can knot it at the top instead and have more edges. The deeper the cut, the longer the ends will be.  So easy, right?
Voila! The perfect hip-exposing sweater for class... also great with high waisted pencil skirts and as a beach cover up :) Excuse the messy bun...  as you can see from the header pic, we were literally on our way to the studio when taking these pictures!
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I love this!! Now if I ever see a high-low shirt or sweater that I like I can buy it. For whatever reason I never like the high-low look but I like the top half of the shirts. Thanks for the great idea!!

    1. I feel the same way! Especially with skirts. Unfortunately, the photo showed the sweater folded up, so I didn't realize what was coming home until it arrived :/ all is well now! Glad you liked it!

  2. Nice idea! All it takes is a little DIY and we can make those bad fitting sweaters work! Basic but effective!


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