Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Chandelier Overhaul

Ok. I am so excited about this.
We recently purchased a house and it's wonderfully, beautifully old with tons of character.
But some of that character is not exactly something we want in our home.
This is really evident when it comes to light fixtures. We absolutely HATED the wall sconces in the house (which we can't get rid of, but have refashioned and will feature later) and the chandelier which was front and center as soon as guests walked through the door.
However, changing out the light fixtures were really last priority since so many other things in the old house needed money thrown at them first. On a whim- as a result of the makeover to our sconces- I decided to try helping out our chandelier and I am SO STINKING GLAD. While we still may put a new chandelier in down the road, this updated version helps make the interim so much more bearable. If you've got a super ugly chandelier like the above in your house- never fear! We updated ours for $11 and it looks like a completely different beast.
So much ugly.
After cleaning it, I painted the fixture with Rustoleum's UltraCover ($3.99- Meijer).  The name is legit. It seriously covers everything. For solid color, you'll need three coats. If you want a little of the original metal peeking through, just one or two. We went with three coats in most areas and two in others, some gold showing through was nice since we do have a lot of gold in the room. Make sure to let the paint dry between coats (it goes quickly) and really lay the coat on heavily for great coverage.
Ta da! I took the covers off the chandelier to replace them (Lowes, Home Depot, Menards... they all sell replacement glass), but liked it better without anything, so we opted to let the bulbs shine out! You can always trade the bulbs out for something frosted to keep the light from burning your retinas. Also,  John had to paint that top part for me because it was too high up... so... it's black in the final shots :)
It already looked a million times better, but I wanted it to look more complete, so I ordered some beads from AMAZON. These were $6.99 for 6 feet. I may go back and add more later, too. Separate the strands into the desired length (they have rings similar to key rings, so it's easily done by hand without tools). Mine were 13 inches each, but play with the length and see how deeply you want your strands to dip. Also, you will have to separate a couple of extra rings off of excess beads to use for attaching. Each strand needs a ring on both ends.
Attach the strands to your chandelier. Mine had holes at the top and base pieces- perhaps it had already contained beading before. If not, you'll have to use a soldering gun or E6000 glue.
The end! Soooo much better than the original, and it blends in with the rest of the black and white decor. And for practically nothing! It feels great to check that off my list (or happily put in on the back burner) with so many other projects that need attention.
P.S.- the entire  project took less than an hour,  and I didn't even need to take the chandelier down from the ceiling.
A lazy girl's dream.

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