Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Doggy Bowtie

We recently purchased a house and I've been busy DIY-ing my heart out with projects. I built a ballet studio, my own closet, redid the kitchen... all kinds of crazy stuff that I fully intend to share when the house is complete.
But of course- it's Christmas and that means a slew of other fun projects to share as well! Along with the house we adopted a dog. Not together of course, but our marriage deal was always that when we bought a house I could get a dog.
So seriously- I had a dog within the week.
Anyway- his name is Winston and he's obviously adorable and distinguished but also a little uncivilized. To help with his doggy manners, we sought out the help of a professional trainer who called him "dapper" and I do believe that he most certainly is.
Especially in his doggy bowtie.
I personally think dressing dogs up is basically the cutest thing ever but John strongly disagrees. So the other day at Target when I sniped out the cutest collar bowties, he said no. Absolutely not, there would be no money-spending on dog accessories.
So I made one.
Bowties are super easy to make, you can follow my tutorial HERE using the exact same Christmas ribbon to create one.  I obviously wanted my Christmas hair bow to match Winston. (PS- it's technically 'bow tie' but I prefer it as one word. So here I am. All rebellious and whatnot.)
This tutorial picks up from there, but if I can make one suggestion- don't use wired ribbon. Dogs aren't very neat animals, and the wire gets messy (as you can see on his). Standard ribbon will actually hold a bow tie shape better.
 Ok so you have your finished bowtie and an old hair tie or piece of elastic. You can also use a piece of ribbon as well, but you will need to be precise in measuring.
 Turn your bowtie over. Cut the hair tie down to size. Determine your size by wrapping it around the collar. You want it to be snug, but remember to leave room for attaching it to the bow tie.  If you're using ribbon it needs to be really precise since you won't have any stretch.
 Hot glue the hair tie/elastic/ribbon to the backside of the bow tie.
Glue again and cover with another small piece of ribbon for extra security.
Slide it on to your dogs collar and you're done! Excessively easy and excessively cute.
If you want to create a more professional bow tie (like the one I made for a friend, pictured below) then definitely use elastic. Also, I sewed this from regular fabric instead of using ribbon. I can create a separate tutorial if necessary :)

As I mentioned, we adopted Winston as a fully grown adult so he isn't extremely well behaved yet. Getting him to sit for these pictures required two people, an obscene amount of treats and about 100 attempts. But we tried!
I posted a lot of stuff to Facebook this week, but nothing came close to getting the amount of attention that Winston in his bowtie received. So for real, make sure your furry BFF is looking good for the holidays!
All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


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