Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Spring Wreath Inspiration

It is really flipping cold in Michigan. Negative temperatures abound, and today I have to go out in them in a *LEOTARD* because it's dance day.
Let's all take a moment and say a prayer for a full tank of gas, because if I have to pump with a tights-covered booty in this weather my brain will explode.
Ok, so indulge me. We're doing some early Spring decor in order to make the snow and frigid temperatures seem less real. Plus it's a great reminder that we're almost through the crazy.
kind of.
Also, my front door is so much happier with a wreath! And the Christmas wreaths all had to come down.
In this post there are about a zillion simple wreath layouts. If you've never made one before and feel a little unclear about it at the end of the post, you may want to check out one of my Christmas Wreaths for a little more clarity. But those are clearly wintery and I can barely even bring myself to link them. NO MORE SNOW!
Some simple supplies from Michaels, the wreath was $4.99, "welcome sign" came from their dollar section, the wooden letters are $1.49 and the blooms were $6.99. Everything was on sale,  so in the end I paid less than $15 for all of it.
Remember to bring coupons, and to wait for stems to be half off.
I removed the heads of the blooms from their stem by first cutting through the plastic with scissors and then using a wire cutter on the center. Remove the leaves as well (if you're using them) and band them together with a little floral wire.
This is now my base wreath. Floral wire wraps around the flowers and attaches them to the wreath. Alternatively you can use a glue gun, but I don't think those hold up too well on outdoor projects.

After you have the base done (or before, if you aren't certain about any aspects), start playing with your different components. The pieces in the center were intended to possibly be hung with ribbons or wire, the pieces on the wreath would be hot glued.
I wanted a little shimmer on my wreath, so I added some Tulip Fabric Spray glitter. Originally it was only going on the leaves and flowers, but I ended up doing the entire wreath.
Hurrah glitter!
You can also use regular glitter spray paint. 
Above, I hot glued the "welcome" sign into the top of the wreath. And there's a close up of the shimmer since it doesn't show too well on camera. 
After my wreath was done, I removed the welcome sign to play around with the K instead. In the process I broke the sign, so that was probably a bad idea.
For more uses with a letter, use a small drill bit to add a little hole on the top. Thread it with floral wire (or ribbon) and you can hang your monogram. This works a million times better with symmetrical letters, the K doesn't hang very well.  
 Floral wired into the side of the wreath, resting on it as well.
 Floral wired to the actual wreath holder rather than the wreath. I thought this hid the wiring better.
Floral wired to one of the blooms, but you could actually just glue it in this instance. Though the wire holds up better.
I'm clearly going to have to repair my welcome sign now so that I can put this bad boy back up. Or else, come up with a new scheme! This one is super girly and the flowers were MUCH larger than I intended them to be, so there will be a new (less feminine) wreath in the summer. My poor spouse.
I hope you're having a wonderful finish to your winter! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


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