Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Place Mats, Blanket Holders and Kitchen Racks- Oh My!

So... here are a million little things!
I'm almost done with the kitchen (down to counter tops!) and ballet studio (just a few more accents!) and then those will be post-able. When we moved in, I thought everything would be ready in a month- tops. Isn't that cute? Such a little blind optimist.
Anyway- these big projects are consuming all free time, but here are a million little things I've done around the house in the last couple of weeks. Or so.
1. Place mats

Ok, so we needed place mats and for some reason rectangular or square place mats just don't do it for me. I found these super cute striped mats at IKEA for  $1.49 each. And guess what? They're easily cut-able. A giant lid for a hatbox, sharpie and kitchen shears did the job in less than 2 minutes. They have a wide selection of colors, and I thought this could be a fun project to get any shape you'd prefer. Say- hearts for Valentine's Day? Or perhaps just something fun for the little people in your life. You can always use a projector to trace any shape you'd like on to the mat and then cut them, or use a stencil... or some other object around the house like I did.
Along the same lines- I recently realized we didn't have any cake circles to use for my niece's birthday cakes. I had to transport them by car to her party a few hours away and really needed cake circles for the job. Using an upside down cake pan traced on to cardboard (we always keep good cardboard here!) and covered with aluminum foil (because cleanliness!) worked well. Done!

2. Blanket Rack
Ok. I am anti pallet furniture. It's so true. I hate it. But we needed something to hold blankets and blanket ladders are kind of expensive considering how little goes into them. But... we had a free pallet, and it was of the SAFE VARIETY so it was the best option. We sawed it in half (or rather, my super awesome cousin Gabe did!) to get the proper shape first.
Then we knocked off a couple extra boards with a hammer  to make it more ladder-esque. Can you tell that I'm trying to hide my super ugly basement? Michigan in the winter is NOT a good time to do projects like this. You have to do them indoors... and hide your ugly basement. One thing at a time, and the basement is definitely last priority.
And painted it white.
And lastly, glued some rug-stop matting around the rungs because they were really sharp and would chew up our blankets.
I like it- but I'm toying with the idea of using it on our garden instead, so you may see it there in the Spring :)

3. Kitchen Racks
These are also from IKEA. We have three of these racks, and purchased them 5 years ago. They were ridiculously cheap ($15, I think) and so convenient. However, they're all a really standard dark gray which was depressing in our kitchen. I spray painted them a metallic silver (Rustoleum brand) and they look a million times better and happier in the kitchen now! I don't have a before picture because... ew. But trust me. Much better.
I just looked at the website and apparently they don't sell these anymore. So sad! I bet they're lying around in millions of households looking really ugly and dark though. So perk them up!
PS- do you see the little wall plaque? It was a Valentine's Project last year,  and still makes me happy to look at. We do marriage well in our family!
I've been posting little things on my IG account (aunak) and our Facebook page more often than the actual blog due to the content. So make sure to follow along there for more of what's happening on a smaller scale :)
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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