Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY Canker Sore Relieving Cream

I know this is often said- but this may be my easiest DIY of all time. So easy in fact- there's only one picture.
If you've ever gotten a canker sore then you'll understand how annoying and painful the tiny little beasts can be. Generally I only get them when my immune system is super stressed out. In our tiny office, one co-worker has bronchitis and another has pneumonia. And of course- we constantly have ill patients coming to see us. I'm guessing that's why I woke up with not one, but two canker sores on Saturday. (also I was hosting a bridal shower that morning... but more on that in another post!)
Anyway, they stink and I wanted fast results so I googled natural remedies. I saw this article from EVERYDAY ROOTS  (which looked awesome and you should also read). I didn't really have enough on hand to make one of the recommendations that looked best, but I thought maybe I could combine two ingredients from two different remedies and see how it went.
It went very well! If you've ever used one of store bought pain relieving gels then you will love this. I always appreciate their ability to numb the pain, but the film they leave on top of the sore is nasty, plus I'm leery of what goes into them. This little cream will immediately numb the pain without that gross film! AND it makes your breath fresher in the process :)
All you need is some coconut oil and high grade peppermint oil. Make sure your peppermint essential oil is safe for consumption, such as the one I used from Young Living.
Let your coconut oil warm up so that it's more liquid than solid. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with 7-8 drops of essential oil (you can add more if this isn't strong enough). Once it's very well mixed, pour it into your container of choice. I save makeup sample containers for things like this. Lastly put it in the fridge to harden back up. You'll want it to be mostly solid.
Use a clean cotton swab to apply a small amount directly to the sore. It will immediately melt, but don't worry- it's still effective!
In my experience, the relief lasts for a few hours but as you continue to apply the cream you will need it less and less. I applied it every few hours on Sunday, but only needed it twice on Monday. And today- though one sore is still in full swing (the other is gone!), it isn't really painful at all anymore. I'll probably apply it before my next meal. This is miraculous as mine routinely last for 1-2 weeks.
So next time you have a canker sore- give this a try and let me know what you think!
We finally (finnalllyyy) finished our kitchen and I can't wait to show you! The total DIY cost was $600 including furniture, and when you see how the kitchen looks now compared to what it was when we moved in ... yikes! SO look for that soon!
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