Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DIY Fairy Garden Inspo

My mom is a creative genius.                                                    She comes up with the most incredible ideas for children, and I've said a million times that she made our childhood magical. So this weekend when she showed up at my house with these beautiful, handcrafted fairy garden pieces it wasn't much of a surprise at all.                                                               I asked for her permission to share them with you, as well as a little explanation of how she did it. Originally she was going to recreate another piece with me for a proper tutorial, but with all the birthday celebrating we just didn't get around to it.                                                                                           For each piece, she used foraged wood- lots of branches and then large straight pieces as well. She connected them with hot glue, but I would suggest using wood glue or something really strong like E6000 for longevity.                                      The pieces were all sawed with a hand held miter saw similar to THIS one.  Please remember to follow all safety guidelines when working with saws and strong adhesives. 
Her fairy fountain includes seashells attached to a branch. The branch was glued to a "base" made from a piece of branch that she sawed a section from. Moss attached with glue as well.
A swingset and table with "chairs".

Fairy dresses were made from the petals of silk flowers. She used floral wire to create hangers for them.
This slide incorporates a piece of curved bark she found, and I think that it would be the hardest to find and recreate. She also has ladder steps going up the slide as well.
Her wheelbarrow is my favorite of the pieces, and the most complex. I included pictures from a couple angles. She drilled a twig sized hole through the center of the "wheel", everything else is still the miter saw and hot glue- but again, I would recommend something other than hot glue.
This table has an acorn bowl, and is a bit different from the other which utilized a cross-section of branch for the table top. This is a section of bark instead. 
Cross section of branch attached to a thicker and shorter piece create the table. The stools  are cross sections of that same branch which was used for the table base. 
And here is her swing set again, which would be the easiest to recreate.
Since she left, she has already made several more things! There's also a candle dipping station, seesaw, park bench and more! The fairies at her house are going to have quite the party.
My nieces (5 and 7) think this is absolutely brilliant and cannot keep themselves away from their grandma's fairy playground. So, I guess my mom's magic has extended to another generation! I hope there's some inside of me for our little ones someday as well.
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the wheelbarrow. My favorite cafe here in Chicago had some incredible pieces in the window for winter, my favorite of which featured dehydrated orange slices as stained glass windows and lotus seed pod chandeliers.


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