Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DIY Easy Sweet Pea Wreath

What's beautiful, easy, plentiful and dries like a dream? A sweet pea wreath!
I recently discovered some sweet peas growing through the fence into our yard from our neighbor's home. And I loved them.
My friend, Carol, told me that she had made wreaths from them in the past and they were easy, required no tools and dried really well. When we got to our cottage "up north" this year and discovered a bountiful supply of sweet peas, I decided to give her suggestion a go and make my own wreath. It was extremely easy and my first attempt was a success!
I've tried to recreate the process for you in this tutorial, but we are running very low on sweet peas on my side of the fence... anndddd.... I'm not going to ask my neighbor if I can raid her stash! But it's so easy that this should suffice. If you need more clarity, just ask!

Start by collecting lengths of sweet peas on the vine. I suggest leaving at least 18 inches of length, if not more. I could only get about 3 lengths of 18" this time, but for the previous wreath I used 8-9. The more, the better.
If you have an extremely long length, wrap it in a circle (your desired size) and wind the ends around each other. For smaller lengths, start with two pieces. Holding on in your hand, wrap the second piece around the first- with about 8 inches of each length intertwined.
Hopefully you an see int his picture how the two pieces are intertwined.
Here are my two pieces woven together. Add the third length, starting opposite of where you started with the previous two and wrap it around them. Continue doing this until you have your desired thickness. Don't be worried about the snapping sound! Sweet Peas are very resilient. If you like a messy look, allow the outer vines and branches to hang free. Otherwise, wrap them around the base as well.

Wrap, twist and tuck til you achieve your desired look.
This is a super easy version and results in the pictures I've shown you. For a more polished look, you can start with a metal wreath as a base, or you can create a circular base from floral wire. You can always secure the loops with floral wire as well, but mine held together just fine without it.
I made this wreath the day we left, threw it in the trunk with our luggage and headed home. It was a super long drive and the wreath endured a lot of shifting, squeezing and smashing. However- it made it home just fine!
You can leave the wreath as is and it will naturally dry on its own into a much more compact version. This is another reason to start really lush and thick.
Here she is all dried! The dark pink flowers dried into a deep purple and the lighter pink became white. The colors will remain for about a year and then fade.
I absolutely love the way they look, and you can find sweet peas on just about any roadside (in our area anyway!). They grow easily if you'd like to start your own garden! I can't wait to add more to ours.
If you create any of your own wreaths, I'd love to see them!
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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