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FabFitFun Annual Subscription Review

I feel like EVERYONE has been talking about these boxes lately... and I get questions about them all the time from family and friends so it was time to write a post. I don't want to review the boxes individually- but rather as a whole, taking into consideration the entire annual experience that a subscriber has. I'm a huge supporter of this subscription box, and if you follow me on IG (@aunak), you've undoubtedly seen several of these box items in action!
A little background, I am about to receive my 6th seasonal box and 8th box overall. I've been an annual member with the company since September 2016. I'd like to share a bit about how my experience has been, what is worthwhile, some of the perks and tips about subscribing.
Fall 2016, my first seasonal box. I still use the Pure Cosmetics palette nearly every day! I traded the Modcloth scarf for another color variation, which is my favorite blanket scarf by far. The body oil is amazing- I bought three more. Mullein and Sparrow also makes THE BEST Argan Oil.

FFF is a subscription box company that sends about $300+ RV items (home, beauty, tech, jewelry) each quarter for $49.99 per box as a seasonal member. Seasonal members are under no contract and can cancel at anytime. Annual members (me!) pay $179.99 up front for an entire year and are bound to that year. We cannot cancel or skip boxes.

Being an annual member comes with several benefits that make the overall FFF experience so much better. Each box comes with about 8-10 times, and a few of those have different variations (colors, scents, sayings) which can be chosen by select members! That's the biggest seller for me. As a total control freak, I cannot leave it up to chance. I must choose the items. Additionally, your boxes drop down to about $45/box when you pay up front. Annual members have early access to add ons (I'll get to that later), but I don't find that to be a particularly useful benefit. Lastly, we are supposed to get priority shipping meaning our boxes go out before seasonal members... however, I haven't really ever had that experience.
Winter 2016. This box also has a couple add ons pictured (mostly the Yuni stuff). My favorite items here were the moleskin planner and ORG spray. I absolutely LOVE that spray- it exfoliates all the dead skin right off and doesn't cause any breakouts.

I generally recommend that subscribers start out as seasonal members. Not only do you get to use a DISCOUNT CODE, but you also can get your feet wet and decide if the box is for you before committing to an entire year. Remember- once you upgrade, you cannot get your money back if you want to cancel. Additionally, when the next season rolls around the company will usually offer plenty of incentives for you to upgrade, like a credit for add ons (see below!), which is not offered to you ever again... not even for renewing your annual subscription.
Spring 2017- this is still one of my favorite boxes. The Briogeo spray works well and smells amazing. The Karuna masks are cult status for me. I have purchased several boxes since, but the hydrating are THE BEST. They leave my skin looking plump and glowy. I also really loved the Gypsy 05 roundie and used it all summer long.

Ok- so lets talk about add ons! This is one of my favorite perks of being a member. Every season, before boxes ship, there is a 2-3 week period of add on sales. These are deeply discounted items you can purchase to be shipped along with your box. There are plenty of awesome brands each season. Past seasons have included Herbivore, Kate Spade, Juice Beauty, Karuna Skin, Modcloth, Living Proof and so many more! Items are around 50-70% off. Once the add on window opens, you can select whatever you'd like and add it to your cart. You do not check out. The window closes and whatever is in your cart you are billed for and will be shipped to you with your box. You cannot change your cart once the window has closed. During the few weeks add ons are open, people are constantly adding and dropping items from their "carts", so you need to check back often if something you want is showing as unavailable. Annual members get access to the add on sale one week before seasonal members, but in my experience if you check back on the last day of the sale, everything becomes available again as people pare down their carts.
Summer 2017- another GREAT box. I absolutely loved the Michael Stars Ruana and felt it was very wearable. I traded for another color. It folded up nicely and fit into even my smaller purses, but was warm enough in air conditioned areas to make me feel comfortable. Another great item was the Cargo HD highlighter. I use that almost daily as either a base shadow or highlighter. The add ons were STARS for me that season. I loved both Herbivore sprays ($5 each!) and really, really thought the Love Your Lashes Mirabella set made my eyelashes much longer and thicker. 

Another great perk is access to the community forum boards. These boards are a wealth of hive mind knowledge where you can vent, get advice, learn a new skill or win prizes. It's also a great place to trade items you don't want from your box for something you do love. It's all honor system, but I've done probably 100+ trades without an issue. Trading can also occur in several different facebook groups, and items you really hate can be unloaded via eBay pretty easily too. Trades are SO helpful and make the experience a lot better.

Honorable mention- there is an exclusive offers section for all members as well where many top brands give FFF subscribers special discount codes to use at their websites.
Photo from the FFF website

Lastly, FFF TV is a FANTASTIC addition! This is a workout channel with TONS of different workouts of varying levels and genres. Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit... everything. The workouts are lead by top trainers and change every few months. This is totally free to all members.

SO what are some drawbacks? My biggest issue with the company has been shipping. They take forever to ship products. Usually, after billing, my box takes about 2-3 weeks to actually show up at my house. I am so impatient. Cannot handle that. The other big issue they encounter is warehouse quantities. Sometimes they oversell items in a warehouse/capsule/add on sale and have to issue refunds or credits.
Fall 2017- come onnnnn! Loved this one SO MUCH I bought TWO. What? yes. The charcoal whitening powder is phenomenal and really works. The Mer Sea cozy wraps? Yes. Just go to e-bay and snatch one up immediately. I got all three. The beanies are so adorable. The belts are a little cheap, but fun. AND THE TRESTIQUE LIP CRAYON IS EVERYTHING! I cannot talk about my love for that 2 in 1 product. Also really liked the Whish mud mask. 

Fortunately, this company truly has the best customer service. If you have an issue they will take care of it. I've had a few items arrive damaged and they've always been very quick to send replacements. Once they sent me the wrong necklace and sent me a new one without asking for the old one back!

I absolutely LOVE this subscription box along with the community of women I've met through it. I can't imagine ever canceling my subscription. Totally worth it. But remember- start SEASONAL and then upgrade! You'll get the best deal that way and make sure that this is DEFINITELY for you! Of all of the subscription boxes I've tried or researched- this one is still the very best bang for your buck. When I consider that each item ends up being about $5, my mind is blown. It's totally worth the money as is... but adding in the perks (especially the add ons and FFF TV) make this seriously a no brainer.

Ready to sign up? Use my link and save some cash!! Add ons open November 9th, so now is a good time to sign up and get access to them before the Winter '17 box ships. Have questions? Leave them in the comment section! See something you love from a past box? Be sure to check eBay, OR hit the trade groups after signing up for the box. Plenty of past season box items are still being traded now.

Happy subbing!

I have no affiliation with the company and have not been paid or received any other incentives to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own. Readers who use my code will receive a discount and I will receive a credit- the same way any other subscriber would.

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