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Disney World 2- Clothing, Makeup and Skin Care

Anyone who knows me is pretty familiar with my extreme lack of favor for hot weather.
Don't like it.
So the high 80's temps in Florida were obviously too much for me, but I didn't want that to get in the way of having the best possible time at Disney! If you're like me and the idea of walking around dripping with sweat, hair frizzing out and makeup sliding off makes you cringe, then this post may be for you. We had purchased the Memory Maker package (more in a future post) and I wanted to look presentable in the pictures, so I spent some time considering how to be most comfortable in those extreme temperatures.
Ready to dive in? 


Ok, let's talk clothes. I know everyone goes with shorts in warm weather, but I'm an avid fan of dresses and skirts. I think they're actually a lot cooler than shorts and less clingy- for me, they're a lot more comfortable too.

I made dresses/skirts the basis of every Disney outfit, with a "shorts outfit" if tragedy struck, but thankfully it never did.

The only regret I have is going with a tank style across the board. Despite carefully applying sunscreen, my shoulders still burned a little. If you burn easily, consider going with dresses that have at least a cap sleeve.

Most of these were dresses from my closet already (J. Crew denim dress, black Olive and Oak dress), but the blue tank dress was a new find from Amazon. 

My backpack was a necessity and worn daily. The Lack of Color straw hat was used every-other-day to try and keep sun exposure to a minimum.

And of course, Minnie ears! Mine were not officially licensed, but were a steal on Etsy. All four pairs (two for me, two for nieces) cost less than one pair from the parks.

Dresses are just my jam. I'd wear them year round if the weather were more conducive to it here. If you've never tried a dress in the heat, check out some flowy styles and get back to me, I bet you'll be way more comfortable than in shorts! 


I spent a ridiculous amount of time cruising blogs, reading reviews and stalking IG to find footwear that was comfortable for Disney. Obvs, the standard trainers don't go with dresses :) Also, running shoes often leave my feet in pain by the end of the day anyway. 

I settled on four pairs, three of which you can see in the layouts above, and rotated them from day to day to give my feet a break. The flip flops were meant as "alternates" and carried in my backpack in case my feet needed a break from whatever shoe was being worn that day. 


I chose a pair of flip flops and sandals from Born based on customer rave reviews and brand loyalty for comfort.
Both of these pairs were comfortable and when first worn, they felt like they had a memory foam sole that conformed to my feet. That feeling wore off pretty quickly though and I'm hoping the memory foam restores itself after the shoes have had some rest.
The shoes were fairly indestructible in the parks, but did leave my feet feeling sore and tired. I have high arches and these just didn't have enough support. However, they get an A+ in the blister department- neither caused any at all! And they were never broken in, I wore them for the first time in the parks.
The ankle strap sandals were worn back to back in the parks, and of the three, these were my favorites.


Again, this Canadian brand had a cult following for it's ability to stand up to all forms of weather (Michigan!) as well as incredible comfort. I bought these booties back in January and have been regularly wearing them to work multiple times per week. They have never let me down. Wearing them all day, every day never left my feet in any amount of discomfort.
Not true for the parks.
Around 3 PM in Magic Kingdom, I couldn't take it anymore and subbed in my flip flops. My feet were super swollen, red and had blisters. I will say these shoes are about a size too big, so I did worry about blisters before we even got there. I've always worn thick socks with them in Michigan. My shoe size is a 7/7.5 and at a 7, these are still too big for me.
Would not recommend, haha!

Adrienne Vitadini 

These had wonderful reviews across multiple platforms for comfort. I would love to weigh in, but in the end they just didn't match anything so they stayed home. They're made to look like a sandal but have a sneaker style sole.

I'm not sure if it matters what sort of footwear had been worn. Some people are just prone to sore feet and I'm one of them. My brother wore flip flops all week with no issues, and John wore two brand new pairs of shoes (out of the box!) in the parks all week without a hint of pain as well!


If you don't wear makeup, more power to you.
I do :)
Finding a way to take care of my skin in that blazing heat was a challenge! I wanted to create a look that would (a) keep my skin protected, (b) be breathable (c) not take much time & (d) be easy to reapply at the park if necessary.

The base of my routine was sunscreen, a bronzing stick, mascara and a multi-purpose tint.

Bronzing stick: Tarte, The Sculptor 

I'm pretty sure this is meant to be a contour stick, but I can't figure out how to actually contour. We had a wonderful makeup artist over to teach my friends and I how- but seriously... could not be taught. However, it's a great bronzer! This was another item I kept in my bag for touch ups on the go.

Mascara: Julep, With a Twist

This is my currently favorite mascara! I love this stuff. It isn't waterproof, but it's definitely resistant to smudging and water in general. Waterproof is too harsh for my lashes, so this is the next best thing! You use the wand first fully extended to lengthen lashes and then shorten it (by twisting the cap) and apply another coat to add volume. It really works! I'm on my fourth tube and can't be convinced to switch! 
Julep is one of my favorite brands. They have a monthly beauty box (which I need to review again) that you can entirely curate yourself. You can use my LINK to purchase and get a little extra, and I'll get a present as well! 

Multi-purpose tint: BeautyCounter, Color Pinch in Hibiscus & Benefit, gogo tint

In general I prefer cream blush to powder, but especially in hot weather. It just has a better staying power and it's easier to reapply. Both of these were excellent as cheek and lip color, with Benefits acting just a bit more like a stain. I carried whichever one was being worn that day with me to the park for touch ups, but didn't really find that I needed any!

Setting Spray/Sunscreen: Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist

This was another purchase for refreshing my sunscreen in the park. No wrinkles, thanks! I loved that you could just mist on as needed and keep going. As a bonus, my friend who lives in a warm weather climate had recommended a setting mist as CRUCIAL for keeping makeup going. This was a two in one!


This is just for fun, but I wanted rose gold nails to match my minnie ears! These shades from Julep were PERFECT (use my link to save $ and I'll get a present too!). I'm a huge fan of Julep and have blogged about them in the past. Their colors are free from 5 major toxins and last really well- especially the glittered varieties of course.
Janet, Nell & Arlene
I also purchased some Jamberry nail wraps for my nieces to wear on the trip. One niece's nails didn't even last through the night, but my littlest niece managed to keep hers on through the entire week. They loved the Disney themed wraps, though! Mine came from eBay, with each set costing between $3 and $7.

We are going to head back to Florida again, so I'd love to hear any additional tips or tricks you have for surviving the humidity! If you've worn a pair of shoes in the parks that were remarkably comfortable, please leave a comment below and fill us in.

As always, thanks for reading!

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