I love French + German and in my spare time, pretend that I'm some sort of French-ballerina-chef.

I learned to cook, sew and create from my super cool, super quirky mom. She did things like make tepee's out of old branches + cardboard log cabins in our living room. Every year.

I married the best guy ever. John. You can read about him below. He's pretty fantastic. 

I like to eat... a lot. In fact, we had an intern from India once, and the very first thing he said to me was, "I hear you eat like a cow!" ... I couldn't even pretend to defend myself. It was true.

Truths I hold dearly?
1. I am loved fiercely by a wonderful God
2. You're never too old for Disney movies
3. Easter is the best candy season
4. The world is what you make of it
5. Girls should never be afraid to be funny
6. Traveling is good for the heart of the traveler and the locals

Honestly, I believe that we're most like God when we love others and when we create.
Therefore I also believe that, EVERYONE is creative. This blog is about being creative, making the best out of what you've been given and really learning to see yourself as able to do anything. Here you'll find anything that falls underneath the Lifestyle or DIY category including crafting, sewing, cooking, baking (gluten free), outfitting, decorating, makeup-ing and more! 

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My husband, John, is the most incredible man in the world.
He was raised in Ohio, but he hasn't lived there since he graduated from high school. He has a degree in ministry from Central Bible College. After college, he moved to Michigan for his first ministry job, and here in Michigan he met and married... ME!
Formerly, he was the drummer for Sargent Avenue, who partnered with TrafficJam to end the sex slavery of children. In the summer of 2011 he traveled to Thailand and Cambodia with the band and TrafficJam to help rid trafficking first hand. He also produced a documentary for TrafficJam with his band and performed at MTV EXIT's awareness concert in Chiang Mai. Am I proud of him? Yes.
He loves to play and study music (drums, piano, guitar) and has an incredible singing voice. He also likes to dabble in music production and enjoys all things Apple. John is also an avid sports fan, favoring his native Ohio teams but also watching pretty much any game that happens to be on TV. He was an accomplished baseball player in school and then transitioned to Ultimate Frisbee in college ;) 
He is also the sweetest thing there ever was.

Seen here escaping from her travel cage while on vacation, Odette is our little parrotlet and our first attempt at owning a pet. We got her in the summer of 2011, she was a birthday present from John. He thought she would be easier than a dog, but it turns out that she is basically the most high maintenance animal in the world! While he notoriously hates animals, he does love this little birdie. I'll admit, she is pretty cute.
In her free time (which is... always...), she enjoys hanging upside down, chewing anything in sight, cuddling, rolling around toilet paper rolls and eating. Her favorite foods include sunflower seeds, apples and broccoli. Give these to her and she will love you for life.