Bloom Where You're Planted - A post for those who find themselves asking, "What am I doing here?"

Lakehouse Reflections  - A little bit about the sacred ordinary

All About Bridesmaids: Facts + myths, and how to choose your bridesmaids

Media + Beauty- A rant about out our culture, photoshop + beauty.

Better or Worse I am Tethered to You - A series about marriage

Fitness for the Lazy? - A requested post about staying in shape

DIY Closet Sale- how to host a "closet sale" and make tons of cash off of old clothing!

Buying Second Hand Bags- All about buying expensive bags second hand as well as restoring leather bags.

Living on Less - A three part budget series for those of us who aren't rolling in dough

Craigslist 101 - On how to buy + sell with the best of them, yo.

High School: A Decade Later - Musings about an upcoming 10 year reunion

'there are more embarrassing things that could happen in first grade..." - a rather horrific post about "accidents" in school

A Dream Fulfilled - How the least-graceful girl became a ballerina, suckas!

Repurposing: A Love Story (2.10.12)- *THIS* is why I repurpose, people.

The (not so) Little Choices in Life (2.04.12) - On how the tiniest choices in life can make massive differences (Butterfly Effect, anyone?)

Photo Challenge + Interview (1.31.12) - Just a titch about me, yo.

My Husband the Photog (01.27.12) - Random photos from my sweet boy

Happy New Year! (01.01.12) -mhm. I dig you,

A Very 'la vie' Christmas (12.27.11) - It was Merry and Bright

To Walk In Your Steps: A(nother) Grandfather Remembered (12.22.11) - You will be missed, always.

The Serenity of Morning (12.13.11) - about how (sometimes) early mornings can be rewarding

Only at McDonald's? (my favorite blog! 11.10.11) - just read this, ok?

Traffic Jam: Ending Child Sex Slavery (9.1.11) -  My hubs, the hero

Good Cake Gone Bad (08.23.11) - Yeah. I'm not cool. 

I Will Think of You Each Time I See a Storm (2.26.11) - The funeral of my Grandfather

Love is Peanut Butter Ice Cream (03.23.10) - On how love is made up from the little things

Dear John (1.20.2010) - The only good "Dear John" letter you'll ever read ;)

Penelope (01.19.2010) - About my sweet, diabetic niece

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