Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Fun with Lace- Part 3: Lace Stemware

Well, the votes went toward leaving the collar undone for the TRENCH PROJECT, so for now it will remain as is. I really like the trench, I've been wearing it every day since the project started! If lace isn't your thing, you can always use any fabric you do like. Bright colors are huge this season! 
Now for our last lace project. 
John and I recently got a super cheap set ($4.99/6) of stemware at Ikea. We go through it really quickly (translation: just call me butter fingers) so I don't like to spend tons of money on the expensive sort.
I was thinking of ways to use up all of the extra lace from an old item of clothing when I saw the box of these sitting on our kitchen counter.
As Gru would say, "ligghhttbullbb"...
This project is insanely easy and I'll give you a few different ways to do it. Just remember that this is fabric + glass, which means the bond isn't extremely durable. This would be best for a dinner party or special event. I'll talk more about that later- there are different options for the level of durability that you want!
(1) Prep it. Clean your glasses and wipe the bottoms with rubbing alcohol. Make sure they're completely dry before beginning.
(2) Cut it. Cut out pieces of lace (or fabric) that are relatively the right size, no need to trace, just make sure there is about 1/2 of room all around the edges.
(3) Glue it. Choose your level of durability. 
FOR ONE NIGHT: use a mixture of 1:1 Elmer's glue and water (well mixed). Apply it liberally to the bottom of your glass, then apply the lace on top. Reapply (using a paintbrush) more Elmer's/water mixture on top. When the evening is over, simply peel the lace off and save for another event. They will need to try over night before the event. 
FOR A WHILE: Use 3M spray bond to coat the lace, stick it immediately to the bottom of the glass. Allow to dry for one hour. 
FOR A WHILE LONGER: follow the second method and then cover the glass entirely again (except for the bottom- I use a plastic bag for this) and cover with a coat or two of Krylon UV or glaze spray. This will make a clean removal basically impossible, though eventually the lace will start to wear. 
(4) Trim it. Allow the glue to dry and then trim the edges with a pair of scissors so that they are perfectly in line with the edges of your stemware.
(5) Wash it. When it's time to wash the glasses, remember not to fully submerge them in water. My suggestion is to use one of those sponge/brush cleaners with the dish washing liquid in the handle. These definitely aren't dishwasher friendly :)
These would be wonderful for a special event, an anniversary, bachelorette party- anything! As I said before, if lace isn't your thing, just substitute in a different fabric (or mod podge on some awesome paper!). Just another fun way to customize your stemware.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend- thank you so much for reading. 'la vie' is really starting to grow and so much of that has to do with YOU! Thanks for pinning, sharing and otherwise spreading the news. You're awesome. 


  1. i know something super fun to do with lace... you can take a pair of short shorts (or cut some old jeans...hooray for repurposing :)) and then you can add lace around the edges of the shorts. or you can use any cute fabric. it looks SO ADORABLE. or you could use the technique you used with the triangle to make your polyvore refashion tank more flowy. you could add little triangles to the sides of your shorts or the end of jeans with lace. thats also a good way to make jeans that are too tight looser (of course for that you wouldn't want see-through you would probably want to go with a cute fabric for that)

    -juliette ☺

    1. Juliette, i LOVE those ideas! I think I'll take your shorts suggestion and dedicated the blog post to you. I would love to send you a little "thank you" present from 'la vie' for the inspiration as well, if you'll send me a facebook message to the la vie facebook with your contact info :)

    2. thanks :)

      -juliette ☺

    3. How nice of you to reward her for her idea. It is a cute idea, I immediately started picturing my shorts with a little lace edge!

  2. I wonder if you could use etching paste to etch the design of the lace into the glass? I haven't used it myself but that would be a really pretty design.

  3. i love this idea i am going to try mod podge outdoor which is water proof and maybe dishwasher safe...i will let you know how it turns out thanks for sharing. (8 im over at if yo want to check it out.

    1. Oh yes! Please do let me know! Good luck, lady!!!

  4. I know this was written 4 years ago but I wonder if sealing it with Dishwasher safe Mod Podge would keep it permanent. I am going to try and if it works will let you know. Love the look.


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