Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY (almost free?) Glitter Paper Weight/Vase Fillers

Soo... I'm sick.
It's pretty bad. Generally my CHEAPNESS does not allow the purchasing of such things as Kleenex. They're just sooo expensive and toilet paper is so much less expensive. My lovely mother in law, however, gave us 2 boxes of Kleenex last year and I've been hoarding them in the back of a cabinet ever since. Sunday night, they came out.
And I am so grateful.
I've almost gone through all 200 already, which is a shame. My bird who has a long documented *hatred* of all things white (especially tissue + toilet paper) is super enraged and offended over the Kleenex. Every time I reach for one, she dive bombs me in the face.
Needless to say, she is spending a lot of "alone time" in her cage this week. Sorry, Odette. The Kleenex win.
Anyway, the illness has left me confined to home. I'm still fulfilling some of my nanny duties, but downtime at home is now reserved for lounging on the couch and resting. This has made blogging hard.
I have some really great refashions planned, but they require trips to goodwill that I'm not just interested in making right now. Sorry, people.
At the same time, I can't stand to go this long without blogging, so I wandered into the amusante room to see what I could make with limited movement and without any extra supplies. My eyes were originally scanning the bookshelves (thinking of something library themed) when they landed on these rocks (pic below).
Back in my pastoring days we had a thing for handing out rocks that were puffy painted with important trips or moments or periods of time. Little remembrances. I instantly thought of glittering them.
Why? Because I glitter everything. Whatever, I don't care. Call me whatever you want. I love glitter.
So does Jess (Ps- this was one of my favorite lines from the whole season).
I couldn't *actually* stand the idea of covering up the rock from Mexico City. That was a great trip and I met one of my best friends in the world there (holla back, Memo!). And the KJ 09 rock was from the first time I led my own team as a staff pastor. That had to stay, too.
So... I decided to pilfer one from outside. HA! And you can, too. This is a super quick tutorial and these would make fun gifts. OR-- you could do a bunch of little ones and use them as vase fillers (that would be so fab). 
If you're making the paper weight- get a larger rock. It needs to be substantial or it won't be holding down much paper.
If you're making vase fillers, then just get smaller rocks + pebbles. Also- use varying shades of glitter to create interest inside the vase.
(1) Start it. You'll need to find the appropriate rocks and clean them off, then allow them to dry.
(2) Glue it. I just plopped some Elmer's on and spread it around with my finger until it was evenly coated. Some people like to mix modpodge with glitter to make one step, but I find that it takes *several* coats to achieve coverage with this method, so I never use it.
(3) Glitter it. Dump on the glitter and once it is well covered, let it dry!
(4) Spray it. Spray with a coat of Krylon Clear Glaze spray and add a second if necessary. I always finish all of my glitter projects with this step because it gives a more permanent adherence without compromising shine.
(5) Decorate it. This is optional, but you can personalize the paper weight with puffy paint here. You can do a monogram, design, quote, whatever. OR you could draw shapes on the vase fillers. Whatever speaks to you.
I actually did all of this Tuesday afternoon but *really* wanted to try the puffy paint out to see if it worked. Soo... here we are. I have two other projects that are wanting to be blogged sitting in my living room to finish out the week. One goes with the launch of the iPhone 5 and the other is a Calvin Klein hack. So tune in, yo'. I really want someone to try making the vase fillers. I bet it's pretty cool... if you do it, send me a pic and I'll use it with this post and a credit to you. Ok- that's all! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I should have known that you're as mad for New Girl as I am. (:

  2. I still have my rock :)

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    Have a great day!


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