Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY No Sew Sweater Boots

Let's see how quickly this can be written, shall we?
I had to do something today that I could photograph myself- and everything I had planned for this week all requires John to photograph me. I *did not* get ahead this weekend at all!!
So, basically I had to scrap the whole week (translation: push it back) until John can photograph it for me. And that meant I needed something for today. I do not work well under pressure.
At all.
Not even a little bit.
And I can't seem to be creative on demand, either. So I just started thinking of things that I want or need. That usually does the trick if an idea isn't happening on its own.
Something that I want/need would include winter boots. I don't really need a new pair, the ones I own currently are getting the job done. They're just extremely stained, courtesy of Michigan winters. I didn't realize how salty they were until I started photographing them. Yikes. I took a wet rag to them to see if any of that salt will come out and if it does, I'll try to add a different picture.
So now I knew that these boots were messy and they could be refashioned into something else. And I also know that I like the look of sweater boots (they just make me *feel* cozy looking at them). Anndd there was the truth of extra sweater leftover from LAST WEEK'S LEGWARMERS. And here we are. I have never seen these done before, so I'm hoping to be the first. Honestly, if I can't be the first to do something, I rarely care to do it unless there's a bit more I can add to the equation.
All you'll need for this easy refashion is...
An old sweater in a color that matches or coordinates with your boots (I used a men's medium. You need the arms to be large, so you can't use a tight or skinny sweater).
A pair of fabric scissors
A glue gun
Buttons/ribbon (optional)
(1) Cut it. Lay your boots on the bottom edge of the sweater. This way you won't need to do any hemming, etc. Be sure to use a ribbed or tightly woven sweater. Anything that seems loose or knitted will require sewing so that it doesn't fall apart. I angled my boots (I hope you can see!) so that the heel would be more covered by fabric. Cut in a straight line all the way up past the edge of the boot between 6-10 inches depending on the height of your boot shaft. You want lots of excess fabric at the top. Be sure to add an extra inch on the back side of the boot (as picture) for "seam allowance"- though we won't be sewing any seams today!
(2) Glue it. Start by practice wrapping the boot. You want to make sure that the sweater is snug against the boot, but not too tight. Start with the fabric on the BACK END (as pictured) and hot glue that down to the actual boot. Then glue the other side over top. You can add in some ribbon here like I did for the LEGWARMERS if you'd like. I forgot :) Be sure to glue the edges down really well so that they aren't flapping. The more glue, the better. Also, make sure your bottom edges line up. That's the most important part! Glue in sections all the way up to the top, pressing each section down and allowing it to dry (to get the best bond) before moving on to the next section. Stop at the top of the boot shaft. 
(3) Tuck it. Literally just take the top and tuck it into the boot shaft. 
(4) Adorn it. Add some buttons at the top if you'd like, or have them going all the way down the sweater. Use hot glue and glue in a circle around the edges. If you put glue where the button holes are, it will be visible on the boot. You can also sew them in if you're inclined.
Check it out! A wet rag worked wonders. They're still a little damp (patience is NOT one of my virtues...) but a lot of the white salt is now gone.
If you're from a region that doesn't require scads of salt to be placed on roads + pathways for half of the year... don't judge us. It isn't our fault that our boots get totally coated in salt (or maybe it IS?! Any prevention ideas??) and it happens pretty much within the first week.
Every year.
These would be way cooler if you used a sweater that matches your boot. It would look much more store-bought. But like I mentioned, noooot a patient girl.
I hope you have a great day. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!
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  1. I have given you the Sunshine Award.
    Head over to my blog to check it out.
    Happy Sunday.
    Tania :)

    1. Wow, Tania! Thank you! I'll be sure to continue the fun in today's post :)

  2. How fun AND simple!! I totally think you could do it without hot gluing to the actual boot. Then you would be able to remove them and have TWO wearable options. (if your boots are not totally ruined by salt that is. I live in southern New England and we have to deal with the salt and yuck too!)


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