Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Ombre Fringe Purse

Welcome to a new week!
**I was out of town over the weekend, which is when I create + write my blogs. We forgot my camera and had to use our phones, so many apologies for the quality being a little down today!**
As usual, I got an e-mail last week from Anthropologie showing a new travel inspired collection.
I found about 5 or 6 easy DIY projects in the list, including a bright, ombre teal/turquoise fringed tote. The price tag was $298, which is just way too high for me.
The original goal was to replicate it exactly, which I can give instructions for in a future post. However, I say it all the time- when refashioning something, you often have to let the piece speak for itself. You have to be willing to make changes and concessions.
In this instance, I felt that overlapping the fringe was a better idea since the fringe was shorter. Also, I chose to keep the the tones in shades of brown, and lastly, because the bag was very stained, I fringed the entire front instead of a panel.
And I love how it turned out! The total cost was only $3.98... which is a steal!
Ombre Fringe Tote from Anthropologie, HERE
Here I started with an old bag. I went to Walmart and got some faux-suede fringe for $1.32/yard and purchased 3 yards. I laid it out across the bag, measuring out my lengths and then marking the spacing with a sharpie. One dot at the start and finish and then on in the middle, so that the draping was consistent.
To make the ombre effect, I blended together different shades of brown in fabric paint. For the middle two layers, I mixed 50/50 white to brown. For the lightest shade, it was 75/25 white to brown. Make a lot more paint than you think you'll need- the fabric soaks it up quickly and it's hard to mix up the exact shade twice. 
Start by taping down the corners and middle with a bit of duct tape, then paint the coats of color on. I only needed one coat. After they're dry, remove the middle section of tape first and paint and then the two taped corners, painting them as well. 
I was most worried about this part of the refashion, since I had never tried painting fringe before. It went over *really* well, but I can't say how well it would work with real suede or any other material. 
I try not to make too many glue projects, but I do want to have lots of no-sew options available. You could also sew these in place if you're sew-inclined. 
I put a dot of hot glue on one end where the black sharpie marking was and then another dot in the middle. Attach the fringe and then, like connect the dots, run your glue gun across the sections, connecting them together. Repeat on the other side, putting down a dot of glue, connecting your fringe and then gluing down the section between the two dots. I always glue in stages because hot glue dries *so* fast. 
Here's how the purse looked at this point. I already really liked it, but when we went out to take pictures and then reviewed them, we didn't like the way the fringe looked on the sides, so we revised it once more.
I decided to finish it up by trimming off the excess. Taking my scissors at the bottom and trimming all along the edge of the purse so that the fringe would edge out exactly with it. 
And then I went through and made sure none of the fringe pieces were stuck together from being painted.
I think the bag looks a million times better this way! 
And here it is being worn with my FAUX FUR VEST. I think it's such an improvement on an old, stained bag. 
And this is my first gif! If you have a Tumblr and don't follow TRUE BLUE ME & YOU, you're missing out. She's one of the greatest craft curators in the world. Literally. She's been recommending gifs for a while and today I'm jumping into the gift world.
 We have some interesting things coming up this week. so stay tuned! I hope your weekend was fab... all the best and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Love the GIF but also this purse looks really so nice! Also love the tutorial and I like how you bought the fringe trim at Walmart - because not all of us live near thrift stores that have leather coats or pants we can cut up (although I know your Goodwill has new Target jean shirts LOL!). Posted the GIF on truebluemeandyou - and thank you so much for the shout out :)

    1. Yeah! I'm so glad! :) :) I doubt my shout outs are even half as effective as yours, but you are awesome! People would save a lot of wasted time on Pinterest following your tumblr. Also, I seriously love our Goodwill! Oh- and I haven't forgotten about making my pics bigger, I'm on my phone this morning waiting for a little ballerina, but I'm going to enlarge them this afternoon :)

  2. Really, really pretty! I like the whole front fringed better than just the panel :)

    1. Thank you! Definitely a confirmation that the full panel was the way to go, then :)

  3. Wow, these are super cute and look easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m always looking for cute ideas that I can make and hand out to my friends as gifts. Thanks Auna Kay!

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