Friday, November 8, 2013

Kate Spade Night Owl Hat- DIY

I've been meaning to post this FOREVER, but still haven't located my fabric scissors. I ended up borrowing a pair and making the hat, and then it took forever to get a picture of the hat being worn! Last night we finally ran outside really quickly and snapped a picture so it could be posted today!
This is one of those super easy 10 minute projects, and it can be done a few ways. The original Kate Spade hat costs $98 and can be purchased HERE.  It is kind of mixed medium and has a lot of stitching, but this is a much easier version. I decided to switch mine up a little bit because I'm not fond of pom poms. If you want, you can buy a blank hat like that for your base. I bought a beanie from Goodwill (brand new, tags attached from Target) for 50 cents! Hobby Lobby sells the same pom poms as the original in their craft section for $1.47 each, so you could use a beanie and buy one pom to attach at the top if you're so inclined. Other than the hat base, you'll need four colors of fabric. She uses mostly shades of grey, I mixed some brown in. You can follow the original or do whatever you'd like!
 You will need four circles in varying sizes (two each) for the eyes. The outer part is the largest. What I did was use a large modpodge bottle and a standard craft paint bottle. I used the bottoms and tops of the bottles to create four sizes (Modpodge bottom- 1, modpodge top-2, paint bottom-3 and paint top-4). I traced on to my felt using sharpie and cut them out!
 Aside from the 4 sizes of circles (2 of each) you'll also need the owl's horn feathers/bridge along with his nose. I free handed the bridge,with a sharpie on the felt but here's a suggestion: print out a picture of the original hat and use it as a pattern if you aren't good with free handing. You can also do that with the circles for eye sizes.
 Here I lined up the outer eyes with the bridge to make sure I liked the spacing. I think the bridge should have been a titch bigger actually.
 More eye circles being traced with the bottom of the paint bottle. If you have a sheet stencil of circles you're in good luck!
 And lastly, the inner eyes. I used the top of the paint bottle for these.
 Here they are all lined up waiting for the nose to be cut! At this point, I realized some of the circles needed to be polished a bit and started trimming the edges.
 Lastly, the nose! I cut a little triangle out by free hand. You can print the original.
 Hats stretch when you wear them, so I wanted to stretch my hat out quite a bit before applying the owl. I put it on and made note of how far the ribbing went and then replicated that.
 Then I lined everything up, starting with the bridge and applying it first. I used hot glue to apply the pieces, but you're welcome to sew them. I felt that leaving the edges free on the large grey eyes would give more stretch.
 I first glued each eye together and then applied the whole eye to the hat. I put a big glob of glue in the center of the circle and then pushed it onto the next piece so that the glue would go to the edges without leaving a big gap as sometimes hot glue can do. As I applied the eyes, I made sure to leave the nose in place so that it would still fit together right.
 And here both eyes are glued in place and so is the nose. Ready to dry for a few minutes before wear!
I love saving money! Knocking off is much easier than spending my cash on the originals, especially with fads. Owls are really hot right now, which makes me think they'll be passé soon. I hope you're ready for the weekend and have lots of fantastic plans. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

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